Maui Dolphins

07 May

Chapter 16

Maui Dolphins


During the time period when Jesus and I spent a lot of time walking on the beach together one of the most amazing things happened

On this particular day I was in a sweet yellow sun dress that had a bright tropical flower print on it. My hair was up in a pony tail and I was barefooted. I still had a tiara on because Jesus insisted, I always wear one.

He was wearing khaki shorts knee length that had pockets. His shirt was cream colored and it was collarless with a small slit just below His neck. His shirt hung loose and he looked very comfortable He had on the perfect beach combing attire: Not at all what you expect Jesus to be wearing. Oh, and He had on sandals, that’s better right! We all picture Jesus in sandals.

We were walking and talking when suddenly I saw what looked like two extremely tiny whales jump out of the water. I was puzzled by this because the only sea creatures like this that I knew Jesus had brought to my world were whales that changed colors; so, these smaller animals were new. The sun was setting right behind where they jumped so it was hard to tell anything for sure.

I took Jesus’ arm to stop His progress. “Was that two tiny whales?”

“They’re dolphins,” Jesus looked at me.

“They look just like killer whales.” I replied.

“They are the smallest dolphin on your planet. I brought them here because they are going extinct and I want to keep them here to preserve the species.”

I knew Jesus was filling my world with animals and most of them were endangered or on the verge of extinction in other worlds. I was surprised that such beautiful creatures were dying out in our world and I had never heard about it.

“I brought you two females and one male,” Jesus told me. I kept looking towards the place I had seen them hoping they would jump again, but they never did that day. As I often do when Jesus tells me something that I can verify I go right to the internet to look it up. I admit I was shocked what I found.

The Maui dolphin lives off the coast of New Zealand. As I am writing this book there are only 47 left. Some of them look very much like a killer whale. This quieted many of my doubts about the reality of these adventures.

I have had to ask Jesus time and time again for something to confirm the truth of all these wonderful adventures. In response each time He has done amazing things to help me. Sometimes they are personal things He says or does while we are together that reach my heart and build my faith. On a few occasions He has revealed things like this dolphin story that I could never have known. There were also two amazing things that happened with the disciples that I will share with you in book two.

I’ve learned I can ask for help any time I need it, but if I continue staying in doubt after He answers then no matter what I ask after that He is silent. When I repent and believe Him then everything picks right up where we left off.

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