Eyes that See, and Ears that Hear

05 Apr

Hey, guys (written for my Esther's Garden group) 

Jesus just gave me some direction about the group. So first off, this morning I forgot to include Jesus in my coffee time. We often spend time having coffee and I get direction for my day and for my writing during this time. I had already read Jamie’s post suggesting I say a prayer of impartation and I planned to get Jesus’ direction on this.

Before I try to explain that part let me go back and give you a little background information. To begin with I spend a lot of time with Jesus in the Spirit. And He gives me a lot of what I call "living parables." They are interactive times with Him. Now, I know some people have visions and these are like visions only they are personal and they direct me and help me to know the next step with my own issues and now with this group.

But they are far more than just divine revelation. I have a life in heaven and there so many details I could not possibly explain. But these times are mostly for my relationship with Jesus and those who are close to Him. They help me get to know and interact with Jesus like I would here on earth. In fact, sometimes He comes here too. It’s not all thundering and lightening kind of stuff.

It’s actually quite normal in most ways to me so I don’t even think of it all super spiritual. Which I AM NOT. Trust me. I’m a mess still in many places, but Jesus knows that for some of us without this one on one interaction we will not heal or grow close to Him.

So, these times with Jesus in the heavens do sometimes have spiritual significance for others, but as I've already said they are mostly for me to get to know Jesus one on one, relationally.

So here is what happened today. When I came into my heavenly place Jesus has me sit up on a bench. I think was a buggy bench and most likely it was something Jesus was working on. I often find Him in this barn and I know He loves to work with His hands particularly with wood. LOL, I guess God the Father knew what He was doing by having Joseph his step dad be a carpenter.

So, back to my story. Jesus likes to bring children to the barn and He teaches them about how to care for the animals and how to work with their hands. It’s a great place for instruction and a place He often teaches me things too.

Because this interactive time with Jesus is ongoing this barn is really on a big farm, and there is beautiful country all around it. I’ve been experiencing different places and scenarios for six years now. Most of it has been layered together so it is all building on itself. And I have memories of my times through the six years like I do here on earth. Things come back around and I see people, animals, and things over and over again like I do here on earth.

So now I may give you whiplash, but I need to go back even more for you to understand this revelation He gave me. It was a little over a year ago (but many years ago heaven’s time, which can be much different than ours) as I was spending time with Jesus several sets of wild animals came to us as we were sitting on a bench high up on a bluff watching a sunset together. On this day there was a pair of tigers, and a pair of eagles that came up to us.

Jesus was please to show them to me and He said that both of the two pairs of animals enjoyed being tame. I was puzzled about the eagles because they fly, and asked if that was okay. He said yes and then I remembered many other wild animals that have done the same thing with Jesus. I’m sure you’re not surprised about that. Everything loves Jesus. So, over the last several years (heaven’s time) I have often seen these animals and they have had many babies.


So now remember that today I had forgotten to spend time with Jesus to get direction particularly about the group. Now as Jesus and I was talking and hanging out together He suddenly gets very excited.

He jumps up and says He wants to show me something. He took me over to the side of the barn were there were some stalls and there He was showing me these huge nests. Most of the stalls have a large flat board that is on top of the walls and even the gate so that you can set feed on or water on them as your taking care of the animals. So, it was on this flat board and to the back of the stall against the wall that the eagle’s built their nest. In this first nest there were five eaglets.

Then he pointed over across a doorway to the next set of stalls and there was another nest resting on the flat board on top of the stall wall. The stall walls are only about four or five feet high so I was able to see into both nests easily. The second nest also had five eaglets. The babies were ugly and cute at the same time.

I was puzzled by these two nests being so close together and Jesus said that the one in front of us was from the first pair of eagles that I met on the bluff, and the second nest was from a couple from their of babies.

He said it was so sweet because on occasion if the need arises or one pair finds a surplus of food they will help out with the other nest. I also got the impression that the four parents were being helped by even more family members who were helping the eagles with all these babies. This was like how heaven is and everyone works together.

If you read the post from Troy Brewer you will see that Jesus has four faces. The one I am most lacking in is the supernatural. Which just happens to be an eagle’s face. And now I’m looking at ten eaglets and I suddenly put two and two together. I looked at Jesus marveling at His ability to layer so many places of depth in each thing He shares about Himself and the heavens.

I asked Him if I was going to begin to see ten different manifestations of His supernatural power. He said yes, but then He reminded me of this group and how I’m trying to help others into this special place of seeing and experiencing Him as I do. So, in a way He showed me that these eaglets are symbolic of you guys. I was amazed.   

So, first off, I am going to pray, but the real power will come from within you. The Holy Spirit is the one that will open the eyes of your heart so He can reveal things to your imagination. John 16:13

Once you begin having these times with Jesus remember this is something very special and it must be nurtured and developed like the growing eaglets. I will definitely be here to help, but Jesus is the one that will carry you along, Still you will want to set aside your ideas of what this time will be like and just allow the Holy Spirit to carry you along. I see in my imagination from my heart, if that makes sense. When you prepare for these times you will want to remove as many distractions as possible. And you will want to allow Jesus to remove all religious mindsets that get in the way. Okay, this is a lot. Sorry about that.

Dear Jesus, I want to know you more. Open the eyes of my heart so I can get to know you face to face. Please remove every distraction and every attitude that is keeping me from going deeper.

As I was about to write the pray over you Jesus lead me to 2 Kings 6:1-23 please read this and meditate on it.  

Lord, like Elisha did I just say over these hungry hearts, “Open their eyes, Lord, so that they may see.” Bless you guys. Amen

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